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Consulting Trends You Should Know

Ok, so you’ve spent hours networking with your target consulting firms, training for the case, and prepping your behavioral interview answers. Now what? Before your interviews, do your homework on the consulting industry as a whole. First, learn the history. For strategy consulting, you can learn the genesis of pioneering firms like McKinsey, Bain, and […]

When Should I Schedule My Consulting Interviews?

As our clients begin scheduling consulting interviews, we encourage them to make deliberate choices in their interview time slot selection. We suggest considering three key strategies before submitting your preferences: Timing is Everything. Your interviewers are human too. As such, we tend to be groggy in the morning, anxious for lunch, and exhausted by late […]

Our Guidebook: 20 Days to Ace the Case

With this guide, we give you need-to-know techniques for polishing your poise and tightening your case interview skills. ‘ 20 Days to Ace the Case ‘ preps you with the nuts and bolts of the case interview process with daily exercises, mock interviews, and industry know-how designed to help you ace your interview. Think of […]